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What Are The Characteristics Of The Eccentric Plug Valve?

Eccentric plug valve is also called flexible cam valve and eccentric ball plug control valve. When the control valve approaches, it has an eccentric rotating spool. When the valve is closed, the bent arm of the valve core is deformed, so that the spherical ball plug of the valve core is in close contact with the valve seat, and the sealing performance is very good. The features of the eccentric plug valve are as follows.

1. Strong corrosion resistance. The valve body and bonnet are integrally cast. Wide working temperature, working pressure 10MPa, working temperature -40-450℃.

2. Little wear and long service life. Since the eccentric ball plug can minimize the contact with the seat ring when it is opened, the wear caused by rotation is very small. The friction is reduced, the dynamic characteristics of the regulating valve are improved, and the service life of the regulating valve is prolonged.

3. The total cavity can reach 100:1, 60% shrinkage type can reach 60:1, and 40% shrinkage type can reach 40:1.

4. Good airtightness. The bending deformation of the spool arm makes the spool press the seat sealing ring to ensure a good seal, and the standard leakage is less than 0.01%.

5. Large circulation capacity. The flow rate can reach 1.2 times of the double seat valve of the same caliber.

When the flow characteristics are not close to parabola, 6.

6. Good dynamic stability. It can be closed tightly with a smaller torque. When the flow direction changes, the torque of the fluid on the valve core cancels each other out, and there is no undercut phenomenon in the plunger valve. Therefore, its dynamic stability is better than plunger valves and butterfly valves.

7. The valve body can be lined with various corrosion-resistant or wear-resistant lining materials to adapt to the operation under various working temperature and pressure conditions, as well as the control of corrosiveness and fluid-containing particles.

8. Light weight, small size, flexible installation and strong versatility.

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