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How to choose the medium of the bellows globe valve?

The medium of the bellows globe valve is very important, so everyone knows how to choose the medium of the bellows globe valve? Let's have a look! This is also a concern of many consumers. When the medium is toxic, volatile, radioactive, or it is extremely expensive and not allowed to be leaked by the reciprocating valve stem, a bellows is often used to seal the valve cover. This special bonnet structure protects the valve stem and valve packing from contact with the process fluid, and at the same time uses a standard or environmentally friendly stuffing box structure on the bellows sealing element to avoid disaster in the event of a ruptured bellows failure. sexual consequences. Therefore, you should always pay attention to observe whether the packing of the valve stem is leaking. If the packing is leaking, the bellows globe valve may have problems.

The pressure rating of bellows seals decreases with increasing temperature, the bellows seal form should be carefully considered, and special attention should be paid to proper use and maintenance after installation to achieve long cyclic action life.

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