Globe Control Valve

Self Operated Single Double Seat Sleeve Pressure Temperature Flow Regulating Valve

The main characteristic of self-operated single double seat sleeve pressure temperature control flow regulating valve is the use of double seat design, both sides of the spool have sealing surface, so that the valve sealing better, lower leakage rate. At the same time, the sleeve of the valve is designed with a single seat, which makes the adjustment range of the valve larger and higher adjustment precision. In addition, the valve also has pressure and temperature control function, can be adjusted as required, making valve use more flexible.

Design Standard:ANSI B16.34, API 6D, ISO 5208, DIN 3356, JIS B2071, BS 1873, GB/T 12237, GB/T 12238, EN 593, etc

Wall Thickness Standard:ANSI B16.34, BS 1873, DIN 3356, JIS B2071, EN 593, GB/T 12224, JB/T 3595, etc

Pressure Range:PN1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0MPa, ANSI 150lb~300lb

Size Range:DN15 (1/2”)~DN1000 (40”)

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