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The control valve can also be called a full-function valve

The control valve has eight functions in total, and the eight functions of the full-function ultra-light control valve are excellent, so it is called "full-function valve".
1. Good adjustment function The adjustment function is one of the main functions of the control valve, which is manifested as ① flow characteristics; ② adjustable ratio R; ③ small opening working performance; ④ flow coefficient; ⑤ adjustment speed. Full-function ultra-light control valve R=100, which makes the small opening degree good adjustability; Kv value is large, which is 2 to 3 times that of single and double seat valve and sleeve valve.
2. Good cut-off function The cut-off function reflects the inherent quality of the valve. The standard leakage rate of straight-stroke valves is usually 10 to 10; the standard leakage rate of full-function ultra-light pressure regulating valves is 10, which is 100 to 1000 times higher than that of single and double seat valves and sleeve valves.
3. Overcoming the large pressure difference The function of overcoming the pressure difference is the premise to ensure the cut off, and it is inseparable from the cut off function. Double seat valve allows large pressure difference, but large leakage; single seat valve has small leakage, but allows small pressure difference. The full-featured ultra-light control valve better solves the problem of large pressure difference and small leakage requirements, and its allowable pressure difference can reach the PN value.
4. Strong anti-corrosion function The anti-corrosion function ensures that the valve can resist the corrosion, erosion, cavitation and other damage of the medium, and prolong the service life. The full-function ultra-light control valve adopts corrosion-resistant and erosion-resistant materials and preventive measures, and has good corrosion resistance.
5. Good anti-blocking function can effectively ensure the normal operation of the valve in the case of unclean medium. The full-function ultra-light control valve developed and designed in accordance with the principle of fluid mechanics has the characteristics of simple flow path, less dead zone vortex, straight-through medium not easy to settle, and good self-cleaning function. The first choice for applications with dirty media such as particles.
6. The high pressure resistance function is the safety guarantee of the valve. The body structure of the full-function ultra-light control valve is a one-piece integrated structure, which improves the structural integrity of the pressure limit and improves the pressure resistance. The high pressure adopts forging structure, which further improves the compressive strength of the valve body, and the compressive strength can reach more than 32MPa.
7. Good temperature resistance function The temperature resistance function is the guarantee for the valve to adapt to different temperatures. The full-function ultra-light control valve adopts rigid-flexible elastic hard seal to solve the problem of core and seat wrapping caused by expansion at high temperature; high-temperature wear-resistant packing is used to ensure the reliability of valve stem sealing at high temperature.
8. Good appearance and light weight Appearance and weight function reflect the characteristics of valve miniaturization, light weight and instrumentation. The full-function ultra-light control valve adopts an integrated valve body structure and an optimized appearance design, and is connected with the actuator by a simple and reliable direct connection method. It has a compact structure, small size, light weight and good appearance. Compared with the traditional leading product single-seat, double-seat and sleeve control valve, the full-function ultra-light control valve reduces the weight by 60-80%, and is 40-60% lighter than CV3000 and fine small control valve. Taking the DN100 electric valve as an example, the sleeve control valve weighs about 150Kg, while the full-function ultra-light control valve weighs only 40Kg (electronic type), which is 73% lighter.

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