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What are the advantages of the double disc gate valve?

The double gate valve is suitable for the pipeline with water and sewage as the medium as a closed circuit device, and cannot be used for flow regulation or discharge. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power and other industries. It is used to open and close the steam, water, oil and other medium pipelines with a nominal pressure of ≤1.0MPa. We can manufacture parallel double gate valve, parallel single gate valve, rising stem parallel double gate valve and rising stem parallel single gate valve.

The double gate valve has the following advantages:

1. The shell precision casting process, smooth appearance, uniform organization, high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure requirements;

2. The special material is matched with the sealing surface to ensure high and low hardness precision grinding, the mirror surface is smooth, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and effectively extend the service life.

3. The back seal design effectively protects the sealing packing and prevents dripping.

4. Double gate design, the sealing surface is automatically adjusted to 100°, and online maintenance is particularly convenient;

5. Multiple tests such as high-pressure water strength, high-pressure gas strength, non-destructive testing, etc., comprehensive control of cast steel quality;

6. The surface of the valve stem is precisely polished to resist scratches and effectively reduce starting. The closing torque makes the operation easier;

7. Special corrosion-resistant packing structure design, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, non-corrosive, automatic lubrication, reduce opening and closing friction, avoid corrosion of valve stem surface, and avoid leakage;

8. Two-way pressure-resistant seal design to meet the stringent requirements of various special working conditions;

9. Ensure that the double-sided sealing surface matches at least 90 detection bubble levels. Factory sealing is strictly manual matching and investigation. 10.10. All kinds of automatic control intelligent electrical equipment are selected to realize remote automatic control and automatic detection.

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