Globe Control Valve

3 Way Globe Control Valve

Size: DN10-600(3/8”-24”)
Bonnet: standard ,heat dissipation ,cryogenic ,bellows
Characteristic: equal percentage ,linear quick open
Pipe connection: flange,butt welding type
Actuator: pneumatic diaphragm actuator,pneumatic piston actuator,electric actuator
  • Product Detail
3 way electric control valve has two action types: electric mixing(converging) control valve and electric diverting(diverging) control valve.The 3 way electric control valve is composed of PSL series and 3810 series linear electric actuator and 3-way valve body.The electric actuator is an electronic integrated structure with a servo amplifier. The input control signal (4-20mADC or 1-5VDC) and the power supply can control the valve opening to achieve to control the parameters of pressure, flow, liquid level and temperature. The electric 3-way mixing control valve is mainly used for mixing two fluids into a third fluid; the 3 way diverging electric control valve is mainly used for dividing one fluid into two fluids.

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