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How to use and install steam traps correctly

1. Always use pressurized steam to blow out the pipe and remove the pipe before installing the trap. There are all kinds of things on the road. A strainer should be installed before the trap to ensure that the trap is not blocked by the pipe. Plug, clean the filter regularly.

2. Install valves before and after the trap so that the trap can be repaired at any time. The flow direction of the condensate should be consistent with the arrow mark on the installation of the steam trap.

3. The steam trap should be installed at the lowest point of the equipment outlet to discharge the condensed water in time to avoid pipeline circulation. If the trap is not installed in the lowest position on the unit, it should be in the highest position on the outlet. Add a return trap (condensate riser joint) at the low level, raise the condensate level and reload the trap to avoid steam drag.

4. The outlet pipe of the trap should not be immersed in water. Mechanical traps should be installed horizontally.

5. Each device should be equipped with a steam trap. .The thermostatic trap requires a subcooled pipe with no more than one meter of insulation. The shape of the trap should be as close as possible to the equipment.

6. When using steam traps for drum drying (with siphon type) equipment, please indicate: choose to use steam traps with anti-steam resistance to prevent the equipment from generating steam locks. There is condensate recovery after the trap, and the trap outlet pipe should come from the recovery manifold. Top access to the manifold reduces back pressure and prevents backflow.

7. If there is condensed water recovery after the trap, the pipes with different pressure levels should be separated. Recycle. After the trap, the condensate recovery manifold cannot climb a slope, which will increase the back of the trap. Install a check valve to prevent condensation from trap condensate entering the recovery manifold. Install steam traps on steam lines. The supervisor should be set close to the supervisor. diameter condensate collection well, then use a small tube to lead to the trap.

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