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What are the factors that affect the accuracy of electric valve electric actuators?

For the electric actuator of the electric valve, its control accuracy is a problem that people are more concerned about. So what are the factors that affect the accuracy of the electric valve electric actuator?

1. The regulating valve oscillates

First find the vibration source. For externally induced oscillations, the control valve should be kept away from the vibration source; eliminate or weaken the vibration intensity of the vibration source; and use methods such as increasing the fulcrum to weaken the vibration of the control valve when deemed appropriate. The vibration caused by the flow of the internal medium should try to reduce the resistance of the regulating valve. Under the conditions permitted by the adjustment experience, a bypass pipe can be added. For rapid response control systems, a logarithmic special spool can be used. The butterfly valve tries its best to work within the range of 10~70°, avoiding the change point of the effect of the medium on the valve body.

2. The electric actuator brake does not work

The brake is used to eliminate the influence of the inertia of the rotor and the output shaft after the electric actuator is cut off, and the influence of the load reaction force and torque, so that the output shaft is correctly stopped at the corresponding position. If the brake does not work, it will reduce the control precision of the electric actuator. Because of this, the following points should be done.

 (1) Adjust the braking torque according to the load volume curve;

 (2) The gap between the brake wheel and the brake disc should be adjusted properly;

 (3) The brake shoe must have sufficient friction coefficient, and dripping oil is prohibited (do not exceed the maximum position of the oil standard when filling lubricating oil)

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