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Selection criteria for fully imported steam traps

Because there are many types of equipment, the required steam traps will be very different. Now I will introduce the precautions for selecting steam traps.

1. When selecting a steam trap, the steam trap should be selected according to the ratio of the steam consumption per hour of the equipment multiplied by 2-3 times the maximum condensed water. , so that the steam trap can discharge the condensed water faster when it is in use, so that the temperature of the equipment can be raised quickly. If the displacement of the steam trap is not large enough, it will cause the internal condensed water to accumulate together, making it difficult for the temperature of the equipment to rise and affect the heating. Therefore, when choosing a steam trap, you must choose a larger displacement.

2. When choosing a steam trap, we should also pay attention to the temperature of the pipeline. If the temperature in the pipeline is too high and exceeds the saturated steam temperature corresponding to the nominal pressure and reaches the superheated temperature, we should Choose a steam trap that can meet the superheat temperature for use.

3. When choosing, don’t choose the steam trap according to the size of the equipment, but choose the corresponding size for use according to the relevant technical parameters provided by the steam trap manufacturer. This is because the size of the steam trap is not determined by the connection size of the equipment, but by the relevant parameters provided by the manufacturer.

In addition, when choosing, don't choose some steam traps with rated pressure, but choose the drain valve according to the working pressure difference.

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