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What is a steam trap? What is the difference compared with ordinary control valves?

Whether the steam trap is installed before the regulating valve or after the regulating valve is determined according to the needs.

For steam, the water in front of the valve will re-vaporize into steam after being decompressed by the regulating valve, but the water will be destructive to the regulating valve. Therefore, the steam trap in front of the valve is not installed if it is energy-saving, but it is installed if it is stable. The key depends on whether the design should carry water.

The steam trap after the valve has nothing to do with the regulating valve, but is related to the process behind it. Steam trap is an automatic valve for steam blocking and drainage in the steam system; the regulating valve can adjust the flow rate but cannot be opened and closed automatically, and the steam trap can identify steam and condensed water to realize steam blocking and drainage.

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