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Threaded Connection Of Plug Valve

The accumulation of slag, dirt or any foreign matter in the pipeline may hinder the working efficiency of the plug valve and seriously damage the key parts of the valve. The inside of the pipe must be thoroughly cleaned with air or steam. When tapping the pipe, measure the size and length of the pipe thread to avoid filling the pipe with the valve seat and disc.

Thoroughly clean the thread ends to remove any harmful steel or iron deposits. If you want to weld more firmly, use Teflon tape or pipe adhesive. Only a small amount of pipe adhesive can be used on pipe threads, but pipe adhesive should never be used on valve threads. Do not allow any pipe adhesive to flow into the valve body to avoid damage to the valve clack and valve seat.

Before installation, cut off the fluid passing through the plug valve to make the plug valve work normally. Before installation, close the cock valve completely. Put the wrench on the head of the hexagonal bolt near the pipe to avoid possible deformation. After installing the plug valve, support the pipeline: a drooping pipeline will deform the plug valve and cause failure.

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