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How to replace general valve flange gaskets

(1) Preparation

  ①Materials: butter, cotton yarn, leak detector, sealing gasket.

  ②Tools: wrenches, screwdrivers.

  (2) Operation steps

  ①Remove the flange connecting bolts, remove the valve or remove the leaking end pipe section. Remove the waste gasket on the sealing surface.

  ②Choose a suitable gasket and apply a layer of butter evenly on both sides.

  (3) Technical requirements

  ① Care should be taken to prevent damage to the flange.

  ②After completion, the tools should be cleaned and maintained.

  (4) Five points for gasket installation

  ①The right choice: the form, material and size of flanges, bolts and gaskets should be selected according to the operating conditions and the structure of the flange surface.

②The inspection is detailed: the quality of flanges, bolts, nuts, and gaskets should be carefully checked before installation, and there should be no defects such as burrs, unevenness, and cracks. Carefully check the installation of flanges and pipes, and there should be no deviations, wrong openings, etc. Phenomena such as wrong holes.

  ③Wash cleanly: the flange sealing surface is cleanly cleaned, and the bolts and gaskets must not be stuck with impurities, oil, etc.

  ④ Installed correctly: The gasket should be concentric with the pipe or fitting.

   ⑤ Even on the top: the installation bolts and nuts are evenly applied with force, and they are tightened symmetrically in multiple times

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