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Advantages, disadvantages and working principle of electro-hydraulic flat gate valve

Advantages of electro-hydraulic flat gate valve: small flow resistance, and its flow resistance without shrinkage is similar to that of a short tube. The flat gate valve with diversion hole is installed on the pipeline, and the pig can be used for pigging directly. Since the gate plate slides on the two valve seat surfaces, the flat gate valve fluid can be applied to the medium with suspended particles, and the sealing surface of the flat gate valve is actually automatically positioned. The seat sealing surface will not be damaged by thermal deformation of the valve body. And even if the valve is closed in a cold state, thermal elongation of the valve stem does not overload the sealing surfaces. At the same time, when the valve is closed, the flat gate valve without the diversion hole does not require high precision in the closing position of the gate, so the electric flat valve can use the stroke to control the opening and closing position.
Disadvantages of electro-hydraulic flat gate valve: When the medium pressure is low, the sealing force of the metal sealing surface is not enough to achieve a satisfactory seal. On the contrary, when the medium pressure is high, if the sealing surface is not lubricated by system medium or external medium, frequent opening and closing may cause excessive wear of the sealing surface. Another disadvantage is that the circular gate, which moves laterally on the circular flow channel, is only sensitive to flow control when it is at 50% of the valve's closed position. Moreover, the gate will vibrate violently when the high-speed and high-density medium flow is interrupted. It can also be used as a throttling if the valve seat is made into a V-port and is tightly guided with the gate.
Electro-hydraulic flat gate valve is widely used in pipelines for dust material flow control in building materials, metallurgy, mining and other industries, and is an ideal equipment for controlling dust material flow.
Features: The electro-hydraulic flat gate valve is simple in structure, light in weight, flexible in operation, easy to assemble and disassemble, made of high-quality carbon steel, with high strength, good performance and long service life; To a certain extent, the intensity of human labor is reduced.
Working principle: The valve is mainly composed of frame, gate, oil cylinder, power source, etc. The opening and closing of the valve can be achieved by the forward and backward switch and stop switch on the control box and the reciprocating movement of the gate in the horizontal direction can be controlled.

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