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Features of Extended Stem Butterfly Valve

Lengthened butterfly valves are widely used in: chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, papermaking, mining, electric power, liquefied gas, food, pharmaceutical, water supply and drainage, municipal, mechanical equipment, electronic industry, urban construction and other fields.

Points to consider when selecting an extended stem butterfly valve
First of all, when the medium flows through the extended stem butterfly valve, the pressure loss value generated by it is relatively large, which is about three times that of the gate valve. Therefore, when we select the butterfly valve, in order to ensure its resistance to the pipeline medium To adjust the control ability, it is necessary to consider the influence of the pressure loss of the pipeline system, the influence of the disc on the medium pressure when it is closed, and of course, the applicable temperature range of the elastic valve seat material under high temperature conditions.
For the extended stem butterfly valve, because its disc will have a certain wiping property when it moves, it can be used in some media containing suspended solid particles. The strength value of its seal is not suitable for powder or powder in the medium. It is particulate matter that can be specifically considered.
The main features of the extension stem butterfly valve D341X D343H are:
1. Novel and reasonable design, unique structure, light weight, quick opening and closing.
2. Small operating torque, easy to operate, labor-saving and smart.
3. It can be installed in any position and easy to maintain.
4. The seals can be replaced, and the sealing performance is reliable to achieve zero leakage of bidirectional sealing.
5. The sealing material has the characteristics of aging resistance, weak corrosion resistance and long service life.

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