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Comparison of several types of pneumatic actuators

There are many types of pneumatic actuators. Among them, three types of pneumatic actuators, AT, GT, and AW, are still used. The following is a simple comparison for everyone.
AT pneumatic actuator is a double-piston rack and pinion rotating structure design. It is divided into double-acting and single-acting. It is suitable for various indoor or outdoor non-corrosive working environments.

Compared with AW pneumatic actuators, GT pneumatic actuators are more commonly used pneumatic actuators. In the actuator market, pneumatic actuators are expected to occupy more than 80%. GT pneumatic actuators are mainly characterized by relatively low price and small size. , Lighter weight, flexible movement. The opening and closing of the valve can be realized by summarizing the gas source, which is very safe and reliable.

The output torque of AW pneumatic actuator is relatively larger than that of AT actuator. Using shift fork type transmission mechanism, the output torque can change with the angle change. The torque value is the largest when the valve is open or closed. It conforms to the rules of the valve; moreover, the shift fork and the shift fork arm are highly coincident, which greatly saves installation space and meets the needs of various large-scale rotary valves. It has the advantages of safety and explosion protection, and it is used more in industries with higher safety requirements such as chemical and energy industries.

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