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How to extend the service life of high-efficiency filters?

We all know that the high-efficiency filter is mainly used for the terminal filtration of various filtration systems. It can effectively filter out various suspended particles of 0.5 microns and above, and the purification efficiency is better. Not only that, the high-efficiency filter also has the advantages of low resistance and large filtration capacity. In the actual production environment, high-efficiency and ultra-high-efficiency filters are generally found at the end of various clean room filtration systems, which can effectively prevent bacterial fine pollutants from entering the clean room. The significance of high-efficiency filters to clean rooms is evident. It can be seen that extending the service life of high-efficiency filters is more practical for manufacturers. So, how can we prolong the service life of the high efficiency filter?

Extend the service life of high efficiency filters

You must know that high-efficiency filters are essential equipment for clean rooms. When the clean room is operating normally, the function of high-efficiency filters may not be very prominent, but high-efficiency filters can be said to be the escort for the normal production of clean rooms. The existence of , and more economical significance is that the risk and cost of replacing the high-efficiency filter at the end are usually relatively high. In addition, replacing the filter means that the company has to temporarily stop production and stop work, which is also a non-negligible loss for the company.

Extending the service life of high-efficiency filters through reasonable operation is an important topic for enterprises. So, what should enterprises do to achieve this goal? According to professionals, if you want to extend the service life of high-efficiency filters, it is fundamental The solution is to strengthen the maintenance of the pre-filter. The pre-filter is an important component in the high-efficiency filter, which plays an important role in the actual use time of the filter, and it is more convenient that if the pre-filter is damaged and needs to be replaced, the enterprise can stop production without shutting down. There is no need for running and debugging, which is more economical for enterprises. In practical applications, G4 and F8 pre-filters can generally be selected for clean workshops with cleanliness requirements of 10K or 100K, which can effectively extend the life of the high-efficiency filter to about 5 years.

However, in some special production enterprises, there are other factors that affect the service life of high-efficiency filters. That is, regular replacement of filter equipment in colleges and universities is a better and more social and economical choice. For example, in some large pharmaceutical factories, there will be hydrofluoric acid in the workshop, and the glass fiber filter paper in the high-efficiency filter will be corroded by the return air. After the rainy season, there may be hidden dangers of mold contamination in the filter. For the sake of production safety , the company must regularly replace the filter equipment.

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