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The difference between single-acting and double-acting pneumatic actuators

We know that pneumatic actuators can be divided into two types, single-acting and double-acting, so what are the differences between these two types? The following pneumatic actuator manufacturers will give you a detailed introduction.

The switching action of the actuator of the pneumatic actuator is driven and executed by the air source, which is called DOUBLE ACTING, which is double acting. SPRINGRETURN, that is, single-acting, only open or close is driven by air source, and the opposite action is reset by spring.

In addition to the above differences, there is also a difference in the opening and closing operations of the actuator after the air enters. The double-acting is that air enters the actuator, the actuator starts to work, and the valve opens. When the valve needs to be closed, the air needs to enter from another port. Single-acting is simpler. When air enters, open the valve, and it will automatically close when there is no air.

The above is the difference between single-acting and double-acting pneumatic actuators. I hope the above introduction will be helpful to everyone.

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