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Do knife gate valves have requirements for fire and static protection

In natural gas, artificial gas, liquefied gas, urban gas, and non corrosive gas pipelines, anti-static ball valves are equipped with anti-static and fireproof devices. Conductive springs are installed between the ball and valve stem, as well as between the valve stem and valve body, so that the static electricity generated during the valve opening process can be introduced into the ground through the set static electricity channel, achieving the purpose of eliminating static electricity and avoiding the static ignition of flammable media, to ensure system safety and fire protection devices, ball valves are designed with two seals. When the soft gasket melts due to high temperature, the valve core of the ball valve forms a right angle hard seal with the design behind the soft gasket, forming a sealing relationship. Compared with ordinary knife gate valves, fireproof and anti-static ball valves can be widely used in many industries, and their safety performance has been greatly improved. This function is mainly achieved through the ball valve sealing ring, which is a double-layer seal, one layer is soft seal, and the other layer is metal seal, When the soft seal is damaged by combustion, the metal seal can further fill with air, playing a key role in alternating sealing and to some extent preventing a large amount of medium leakage and fire spread.

When the static Knife Gate Valve is opened and closed, there will be mutual friction between the ball and the valve seat, and the static electricity generated by friction will accumulate on the ball. This is not allowed for ball valves used in gas, fuel, and chemical pipelines, which may cause pipeline explosion accidents. The anti-static structure of the ball valve is equipped with an electrostatic discharge device, which can discharge the static electricity accumulated in the ball at the first time, effectively ensuring the safe operation of the pipeline, The connection method of elastic components is commonly used both domestically and internationally. According to standards, the ball to valve body, valve stem to ball are below 12VDC, and the resistance value is below 10 ohms.

It should be noted that the design of the fire and anti-static function of the knife gate valve is not omnipotent, it can only play a role in emergency management, and strive for more time to solve problems in sudden accidents. In addition to fire and anti-static ball valves, certain fire prevention technical measures such as explosion prevention and fire prevention should be set up in gas and fuel pipelines, and strictly comply with relevant national laws and regulations and enterprise regulations.

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