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The difference between wafer butterfly valve and flange butterfly valve

Wafer butterfly valves and flanged butterfly valves are two common types of butterfly valves. Both types of butterfly valves have a very wide range of applications, but many friends cannot distinguish the difference between a wafer butterfly valve and a flange butterfly valve, and they do not know the difference between the two. Below, Hongxin Valve will introduce the difference between wafer butterfly valve and flange butterfly valve.

Wafer type and flange are two connection methods. In terms of price, the wafer type is cheaper, about 2/3 of the flange. If you want to choose imported valves, please use the cheapest and lightest wafer type.

Wafer valve bolts are very long and require high structural accuracy. If the flanges on both sides are not aligned, the bolts will bear greater shearing force and the valve will easily leak. Generally, valve bolts are relatively long, so at high temperatures, the expansion of the bolts may cause leakage, which is not suitable for large-diameter pipes at high temperatures.

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