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Precautions for installation and use of knife gate valve and application of knife gate valve

Knife gate valves are mostly used in some difficult-to-control fluid pipelines, such as sewage, chemical, coal, papermaking and other fields. They are generally equipped with electric or pneumatic actuators to realize the automatic operation of the valve. The gate with the vertical direction is used as the gate valve of the opening and closing parts, and the effect of cutting off the medium is good, especially suitable for the adjustment and throttling of the pipeline in the paper industry. The disc of the Knife Gate Valve has the characteristics of convenient operation, free opening, flexible and reliable movement, etc. However, during the installation of the knife gate valve, the following points must be done to prevent the product from adversely affecting:

Precautions for installation and use of knife gate valve

1. The gate valve with transmission mechanism shall be installed according to the provisions of the product instruction manual.

2. The double gate gate valve should be installed vertically (that is, the valve stem is in a vertical position and the handwheel is at the top).

3. Pay attention to keep the valve cavity and sealing surface clean, and avoid installation with dirt or sand attached;

4. Reserve the necessary space for valve drive to facilitate operation;

5. If an automatic drive device is used, it is necessary to check whether the wiring of the drive device is connected according to the circuit diagram;

6. Check whether the bolts of each connection part are evenly tightened to ensure that the valve pipeline falls off under the impact of the medium;

7. Check whether the packing part of the valve is pressed tightly to ensure the tightness of the packing and the opening flexibility of the gate;

8. Check the valve model, connection size and medium flow direction to ensure that it is consistent with the requirements of the valve pipeline;

10. The handwheel, handle and transmission mechanism are not allowed to be used for lifting, and collision is strictly prohibited.

If the knife gate valve is used frequently, lubricate it at least once a month, and maintain the valve regularly to avoid the valve from being collided and squeezed to ensure the sealing of the valve.

Knife gate valve application range

1. Mining, coal washing, iron and steel industry - used for coal washing and washing pipelines, slag filtering pipelines, etc., ash discharge pipelines;

2. Purification device - used for waste water, mud, dirt and clarified water with suspended solids;

3. Paper industry - used for any concentration of pulp, material-water mixture;

4. Power station ash removal - used for ash slurry.

Knife gate valve is one of many gate valves, named for its appearance and made of various materials. Compared with ordinary gate valves, it has many advantages. In addition to its small size and light weight, its performance is also very superior, so it has been loved by consumers.

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