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How Steam Traps Work

According to the working principle of the trap, we can divide the trap into three types. They are mechanical, floating ball and thermal energy. But does anyone know exactly what they are? If not, let's take a look! Next, I will introduce the steam trap to you.

Mechanical type: rely on the change of the condensate level in the steam trap to act, including:

Float type: The float is a closed hollow sphere.

Open upward float type: the float is barrel type with the opening upward.

Open downward float type: the float is barrel type with the opening downward.

Thermostatic type: action depends on the change of liquid temperature, including:

Bimetal: The sensitive element is a bimetal.

Vapor pressure type: the sensitive element is bellows or ink cartridge, filled with volatile liquid.

Thermodynamic type: Action depends on the change of the thermodynamic properties of the liquid.

Disc type: Due to the different flow rates of liquid and gas under the same pressure, different dynamic and static pressures are generated to drive the disc valve to move.

Pulse type: When condensed water of different temperatures passes through the two-pole orifice plates in series, different pressures will be formed between the two-pole orifice plates to drive the valve disc to move.

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