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The difference between the ''Cartridge Sea'' and ''Booted Sea'' of Butterfly Valve

①DN40-450:"Cartridge" is cheaper than "Booted" by 2%-20%.It is because the "Cartridge" type butterfly valve's body costs less metal material .
②DN500-800:"Cartridge" is more expensive than "Booted" by  2%-20%.It is because the large size more than DN450 butterfly valve needs preciser skills to install the "Cartridge seat" .
2, Performance: "Cartridge" suppllies more reliable torque, increased wear resistance, robustness and versatility than "Booted" .Because
"Cartridge" type ,a layer of elastomer is compression molded onto a rigid phenolic backing ring, which supports the elastomer in multiple directions.
②On the other hand,the "Booted" type is prone to movement or deformation when mounting between flanges, resulting in a seat that tends to bulge around the disc contact points.
3,After sales:Both two types of seats are replaceable . However, "Booted" is much easier to replace parts than "Cartridge" type because it is totally made of rubber.
The customer can replace the "Booted seat" even by hand.

Above all,we suggest "Cartridge Seat" as an economic choice if  the valve size is less than DN500.

We suggest "Booted" type when you have applications where valves need to be replaced on a regular basis and you don't have a machine to change the "Cartridge Seat".

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