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What are the advantages of a general slurry valve

The slurry valve has the following advantages: its structure is simple, and it adopts a wafer type structure. Compared with general valves, this valve has the advantages of small volume and light weight, and the device position is not limited, making it easy to install. Due to its small footprint or space, it has active significance in reducing the factory area, lowering the building height, and saving infrastructure investment.

The fully open channel of the valve with low fluid resistance is like a short pipe joint, and the valve wall is smooth, avoiding medium deposition in the valve. Therefore, the opening and closing operation is sensitive, without jamming, and is not easy to block. The wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and well sealed gate is made of stainless steel of different materials based on the properties of the medium. Rubber sealing rings can be used inside the valve.

Ensures good sealing of the valve. Through operational experiments, it has been proven that the valve has a long service life, which is 3-4 times that of a typical valve. The slurry valve series has a wide range of applicable specifications, making it easy to choose. It can not only be used in sewage and sludge treatment projects, but also in professions such as coal, metallurgy, papermaking, chemical industry, power generation, and sugar making.

The device is simple and easy to repair. This valve adopts a clamp connection, which means the valve is clamped between two flanges of the pipeline and fixed with bolts through the bolt holes of the flange and valve body. The economic benefits are good because this type of valve has a long service life, which can reduce daily repair costs and reduce the production time affected by valve blockage requiring disassembly and replacement. The direct and indirect economic benefits are significant.

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