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What are the types of pneumatic actuators?

Several common types of pneumatic actuators are mainly diaphragm type, piston type, fork type and rack and pinion type.
Generally speaking, the piston type has a long stroke and is suitable for occasions requiring a large thrust; while the film type has a small stroke and can only drive the valve stem directly; the fork type pneumatic actuator has the advantages of large torque, small space, and a more consistent torque curve. The torque curve and other characteristics of the valve are not very beautiful, and are often used in valves with high torque; the rack and pinion pneumatic actuator has the advantages of simple structure, stable and reliable action, and safety and explosion-proof. It is widely used in production processes with high safety requirements.

In addition to the several common pneumatic actuators mentioned above, we also need to understand that pneumatic actuators can also be divided into two types: single-acting and double-acting. The switching action of the actuator is driven by the air source, which is called DOUBLE ACTING. The SPRINGRETURN (single-acting) actuator is only open or closed by the air source, and the opposite action is returned by the spring.

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