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What is the method of four-way ball valve to prevent leakage?

We know that the use of the four-way ball valve is still in place for many pipeline controls, but we also need to be prepared to prevent leakage during use. We should also be familiar with the common methods, so everyone knows that the four-way ball valve prevents leakage. What is the solution?

1. Before the four-way ball valve is put into use, it is necessary to carry out the pressure test and leak test carefully.
2. For the four-way ball valve that often has impurities passing through, a filter must be added before the valve to clean up the impurities. For four-way ball valves that may fall into impurities, a filter should be added before the valve.
3. If the valve seat, valve disc and sealing ring of the four-way ball valve are connected by thread, PTFE can be added as a packing to increase the sealing performance.
4. When opening and closing the four-way ball valve, do not operate blindly. If any resistance is found, check whether there is dirt blocking. If there is dirt, it must be discharged in time.

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