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Application range and characteristics of low temperature forged steel ball valve

Low temperature forged steel ball valves are mainly used to close or connect the pipeline medium in the pipelines of various systems of thermal power plants. Applicable medium: non-corrosive medium, such as water or steam. Compared with other valve products, the forged steel ball valve has the characteristics of high temperature and high pressure, and the unique self-sealing design makes the seal more reliable under higher pressure. Due to its special performance, technical characteristics and working conditions, this product has characteristics that cannot be replaced by other products.

Forged steel ball valves are used in petroleum, natural gas, mechanical equipment, chemical equipment, general parts, industrial equipment, water supply and drainage equipment, papermaking equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, general equipment, petrochemical equipment, power equipment, metallurgical equipment, mining equipment and other industries.

Low-forged steel ball valves have the advantage of long service life, can be used in very large diameter and ultra-high pressure environments, have excellent sealing performance, can be widely used, and can be mass-produced with CNC machines in the manufacturing process. is a great feature. Assembly ensures strict machining accuracy and increases production efficiency, thereby improving market competition and reducing labor costs.

The low temperature forged steel ball valve is a forged steel ball valve classified according to the field temperature of the ball valve. It is the same as other valves in the connection mode and transmission mode, but the low temperature ball valve is a part or valve of the valve. is different. The material used alone is very demanding, and the low temperature of the commonly used cold ball valve can reach minus 196°C, so the stem of the cold ball valve we usually see is elongated, which is usually relatively common in the natural and chemical industries.

Forged steel ball valve devices are mainly used for long-distance pipeline transportation such as oil, natural gas and city gas pipeline systems. Due to the characteristics of long-distance pipeline valves, the ability of pipelines to withstand pressure, safety, weather resistance and long-term reliability is fully considered in the design.

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