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Where are the two-piece forged steel ball valves used and what are their characteristics?

The material of the two-piece forged steel ball valve is forged, and its density is much higher than that of castings. Especially suitable for the manufacture and processing of high pressure ball valves. The closing ball of the high pressure forged steel ball valve rotates around the centerline of the valve body to open and close. A ball valve is arranged at the end of the metal valve seat, in which the sealing element is embedded in the stainless steel valve seat and is equipped with a spring. When the sealing surface wears or burns, the seat and ball are pushed and the action of the spring creates a metal seal.

It has a unique automatic pressure relief function. When the pressure in the valve cavity exceeds the preload of the spring, the valve seat at the outlet end moves back and away from the ball, providing an automatic pressure relief effect. After the pressure is released, the valve seat automatically resets. Suitable for water, solvents and acids. It is not only suitable for natural gas and other common working media, but also for media with harsh working conditions, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene, and has been widely used in various industries.

Two-piece forged steel ball valve, the valve body is divided into three parts along the section perpendicular to the axis of the valve channel at the two valve seats. The whole valve is symmetrical along the central axis of the valve stem. The high pressure forged steel ball valve is mainly used in pipelines Cuts, dispenses and redirects media flow. Its large pivot structure ensures accurate sphere center position under high pressure, which ensures good valve operation performance.

1. The standard valve seat adopts a spring structure, which pushes the valve seat to the sphere, which ensures a good two-way sealing performance of inlet and outlet;

2. The high pressure forged steel ball valve uses its own discharge valve, and the middle cavity of the valve body can be discharged outwards;

3. The pivot adopts an anti-blowout protection structure to effectively prevent leakage; the bearing with low friction coefficient reduces the torque to the minimum, which is convenient for valve opening and closing;

4. The effective contact between the valve stem and the valve body makes the anti-static grounding device have superior performance.

5. It has the advantages of excellent performance, high reliability, wide application and reasonable price.

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