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What are the advantages of pneumatic actuators in many actuators?

There are many types of actuators, including pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, rack and pinion, fork, etc. Today we mainly talk about the advantages of pneumatic actuators in many actuators.
Pneumatic actuators are produced according to the high requirements of working conditions. In the future, it will be an era where actuators dominate. The appearance and structure of the actuator: not only meet the requirements of explosion-proof, but also small in size, light in weight and large in torque, because it adopts the transmission structure design of "single-cylinder double-piston-variable torque".
With the continuous increase of actuators, the pneumatic actuator has a very prominent performance in the actuator. As a pneumatic actuator with a single-cylinder design, it is undoubtedly half the size of the double-cylinder design of the rack-and-pinion actuator. Secondly, when the actuator is operating, the output torque can change with the change of the angle, and when the valve is opened or closed, the torque value is large, which is exactly in line with the law of the valve. Compared with rack and pinion actuators, pneumatic actuators can save more torque because the torque of rack and pinion actuators is constant. The cylinder body is made of extruded aluminum alloy and is treated with hard anodizing, and the inner surface is hard in texture, high in strength and hardness. Sliding bearings made of low-friction materials avoid direct contact between metals, and have long service life, low friction coefficient and flexible rotation.

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