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Three major characteristics of soft sealing gate valve

There are many common types of gates, and soft sealing gate valve is one of them. It has a wide range of industrial applications, and because everyone has seen it in daily life, it is impossible to judge what type it is. Its characteristics are not particularly understood, so our main content below is to introduce the characteristics of soft sealing gate valves.

Three characteristics of soft sealing gate valve

1. Corrosion resistance

This type of valve uses powder epoxy resin in the production process. The corrosion resistance of this material itself is relatively good. It can prevent the valve from rusting when used in the valve, so it can be widely used in the sewage treatment system. , If you want to maintain its use time, pay attention to maintenance.

2. The non-fragile casting material of the soft-sealed gate valve is ductile iron. Compared with the ordinary cast iron used in the past, the firmness is much better. If it encounters impact or other problems, the damage is relatively small. It is prone to breakage, which is a very big feature compared to traditional valves.

3. Light weight

Ductile iron itself is a very light material, which is about 1/3 lighter than the steel used in traditional valves. If it is such a large valve, it will reduce the burden on the entire structure. And because the weight is relatively light, it provides great convenience for subsequent installation and maintenance.

The soft sealing valve gate itself is a kind of valve with strong sealing performance. Its characteristics are widely reflected in other aspects. Compared with valves of other materials, it has many advantages in industrial production and can be used with confidence, so for For many manufacturers, it is a better choice.

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