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Features of insulation valve installation and maintenance

The thermal insulation valve has accessories lined with fluoroplastic or plastic. Due to its unique special properties, product installation, maintenance and maintenance have the following related properties and characteristics:

1. The valve or pipeline flange cover cannot be disassembled. If it is not prepared to connect with the pipeline, the temperature difference and foreign matter will cause the surface of the PTFE flange to be bumped, scratched, deformed or affect the performance of the insulation valve.

2. When connecting fluororesin or resin-lined valves and fittings to pipelines, gaskets are usually not used alone, but when connecting to flange surfaces of different materials, appropriate gaskets must be used to protect the PTFE flange surface.

3. If a high temperature leak occurs when using the system, please lower the system temperature to room temperature first, then determine the cause and repair it.

4. Thermal welding is not allowed for insulation valves and pipe fittings to prevent damage to the inner lining.

5. Installation refers to evenly tightening the flange nuts diagonally and matching them with a suitable torque.

6. Store valves and pipe fittings in a dry, well-ventilated room. Stacking is strictly prohibited.

7. The sealing pair of fried noodles used for a long time should be slightly separated to avoid deformation of the seal under the action of long-term pressure, which will affect the thermal insulation performance and life.

8. When manually operating the valve, other levers cannot be used to force the valve to open or close.

9. When installing fried noodles that need to be oriented, pay attention to the flow of the medium in the direction indicated by the arrow on the valve body to ensure convenient operation and maintenance.

10. The repaired valve must be tested and certified according to relevant standards before installation.

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