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Wiring control mode of explosion-proof electric butterfly valve

Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve is a special control for flammable and explosive occasions. The explosion-proof grade is ExdII BT4/CT4 or CT5, which has the advantages of stable quality, excellent explosion-proof performance, safety and reliability. In addition, the connection forms and structural forms are also diversified, and are widely used in food, environmental protection, light industry, petroleum, chemical, water treatment, power and other industries. Not only can it be used for two-position control of the switch, it can also input 4-20mA DC, 1-10VDC signals and power to control valve opening and adjust pressure, flow, temperature and liquid level.

The explosion-proof electric butterfly valve can withstand the explosion pressure of the internal explosive mixture and prevent the explosion of the surrounding explosive mixture. The shell is made of hard aluminum alloy, which has strong corrosion resistance and protection grade IP67. The motor is a fully enclosed cage motor with high torque, low inertia, class F insulation and built-in overheating protection switch, which can prevent damage to the motor when the electric actuator is blocked by the motor. To ensure safety and reliability, please operate in a power-off state.

Explosion-proof electric butterfly valves are driven by power sources such as 380V/220V/DC24V, but the corresponding wiring methods are different due to different voltages and control methods. Please learn more!

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