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What are the advantages and disadvantages of intelligent integrated electric actuators?

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of intelligent integrated electric actuators

Intelligent integrated electric actuators include the advantages of convenient energy acquisition, fast signal transmission speed, long transmission distance, convenient centralized control, high sensitivity and precision, and electrical adjustment equipment. Easy to install and wire. The disadvantage is that the structure is complex, the thrust is small, and the average failure rate is higher than that of the pneumatic actuator. It is suitable for areas with low explosion-proof requirements and lack of air source.

Especially for 1/4 rotation applications, the brushless DC motor design has a longer life than traditional motors and more accurate positioning. This is mainly reduced by reducing the spool stroke or restricting the opening of the channel opening. Coated with polyester resin powder and double-sealed, it can operate normally in the harshest environment and limit the leakage in the independent terminal cavity to improve reliability and technical performance. Instead, use solid-state components.

This method can be used in real life. It can be adjusted in the hole using a tapered needle or a plunger with milling. The aperture range is from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch. This type of valve stroke is about 1/1 and 2 inches. Electric actuators do not have to have true equal percentage characteristics.

The disadvantage of the intelligent integrated electric actuator is that the structure is more complicated and it is prone to failure. In addition, due to its complexity, the technical requirements for on-site maintenance personnel are relatively high. The motor works to generate heat. If the adjustment is too frequent, the motor will overheat, provide thermal protection and increase the wear of the reducer. In addition, it will slow down. It takes time to output the signal from the regulator. The response time of the regulating valve moving to the corresponding position is not as good as that of pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.

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