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What are the advantages of the three-piece forged steel ball valve?

The three-piece forged steel ball valve divides the valve body into three parts along a cross-section perpendicular to the axis of the valve passage with two valve seats, and the whole valve is symmetrical along the central axis of the valve stem. The three-piece forged steel ball valve is used for pipeline interruption. and distribution.
Its larger pivot structure ensures accurate ball center position under high pressure and ensures good operation of the forged steel ball valve. The standard valve seat adopts a spring structure, which presses the valve seat on the ball to ensure a good two-way sealing of the inlet and outlet performance; the valve body cavity is externalized with a built-in discharge valve; the pivot adopts a blowout preventive protection structure, which can effectively prevent leakage.
Low friction coefficient bearings minimize torque, which facilitates opening and closing of forged steel ball valves; effective contact between stem and body creates a high-performance antistatic grounding device. It has the advantages of excellent performance, high reliability, wide application range and reasonable price. The three-piece forged steel ball valve is suitable for chemical, petroleum, natural gas, metallurgy and other industries, as well as long-distance natural gas pipelines containing hydrogen sulfide media, many impurities and severe corrosion.

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