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Structural features of wafer check valve

Wafer check valve is a general purpose one-way fluid valve. It is light in weight, small in size and easy to install between flanges. The inside of the valve is composed of two semi-circular springs and a plate surface. It is fixed on the valve body with a pin. The deformation of the spring makes the valve plate close, and the fluid pressure makes it open the spring. Deformation is fast, which protects the pipe from water hammer.

Structural features of wafer check valve

Wafer check valve has short disc travel, lightweight disc, spring-assisted closing, and fast closing speed. The structure length is very short, the volume is small, the weight is very light, the fluid resistance is small, the sealing is reliable, the opening and closing is stable, the wear resistance, the service life is long, the oil pressure and slow closing are not affected by the medium, and it has the characteristics of good energy saving effect, etc. It brings great convenience to valve installation, handling, storage and pipeline layout, and can save a lot of materials and reduce construction costs.

Wafer check valve installation precautions

1. When placing the pipeline, attention should be paid to make the passing direction of the wafer check valve consistent with the flow direction of the fluid;
2. Installed in a vertically placed pipeline, for a horizontally placed pipeline, a wafer check valve is placed vertically;
3. Use a telescopic tube between the wafer check valve and the butterfly valve, never connect it directly with other valves;
4. Avoid adding pipe joints and obstructions within the operating radius of the valve plate;
5. Do not install a reducing pipe in front of or behind the wafer check valve;
6. When installing the wafer check valve near the elbow, pay attention to leaving enough space;
7. When a wafer check valve is installed at the pump outlet, at least a space of six times the diameter of the valve should flow out to ensure that the butterfly plate is finally affected by the fluid.

Wafer lift check valve adopts new material and adopts corrosion-resistant stainless steel or carbon steel. It can be installed on the pipeline at any position to prevent the backflow of the medium, and the boiler feed water system is backed up. Its various indicators are better than any kind of upper-return valve currently on the market. It is widely used in water supply and drainage, fire protection, construction, HVAC, and industrial systems. Any medium such as water, gas, oil, acid, lye, hydrogen, ammonia, and special fire-fighting pipelines can be used. For example, it can be installed at the outlet of the water pump, which can avoid water hammer, water hammer sound and destructive impact, achieve the purpose of preventing backflow and protecting equipment, and has better energy saving effect.

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