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The use environment and precautions of explosion-proof electric control valve

Explosion-proof electric regulating valve is an important execution unit instrument in industrial automation process control. With the increasing degree of automation in the industrial field, it is being used more and more in various industrial production fields. The valve is divided into three types: linear characteristic, equal percentage characteristic and parabolic characteristic according to its function and characteristic according to the power used by its equipped actuator.

The use environment of explosion-proof electric control valve

Regarding the scope of application of the electric regulating valve, it is indispensable in some power companies, hydraulic engineering, or some other chemical industries and industrial production.

Precautions for installation and use of explosion-proof electric control valve
1. The explosion-proof electric control valve is a field instrument, and the ambient temperature is required to be in the range of -25 to 60 °C, and the relative humidity is less than or equal to 95%. If it is installed in the open air or in high temperature places, waterproof and cooling measures should be taken. Where there is a vibration source, keep away from the vibration source or increase anti-vibration measures.

2. The explosion-proof electric control valve should be installed vertically in general, and can be inclined in special cases. For example, when the inclination angle is large or the valve itself has too much weight, the valve should be protected by supporting parts.

3. Generally, the pipeline for installing the explosion-proof electric control valve should not be too high from the ground or the floor. When the pipeline height is greater than 2 m, a platform should be set up to facilitate the operation of the handwheel and facilitate maintenance.

4. Before the explosion-proof electric regulating valve is installed, the pipeline should be cleaned to remove dirt and welding slag. After installation, in order to ensure that impurities do not remain in the valve body, the valve should be cleaned again, that is, all valves should be opened when the medium is introduced to prevent impurities from getting stuck. After using the handwheel mechanism, it should return to the original neutral position. 

5. In order to make the explosion-proof electric regulating valve continue the production process in the event of failure or maintenance, the regulating valve should be equipped with a bypass pipeline.

6. Connect the power cord and control line according to the instructions, and then cover the protective cover before powering on and running (do not connect with live power). If you need to open the cover, you must follow the principle of first powering off the power and then opening the cover, otherwise it will cause irreparable serious damage. loss.

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